Lead Smelter The Ultimate Solution Some hazardous slag

Lead Smelter The Ultimate Solution Some hazardouse slag abrasives may be treated with additives which buffers the acid to pass leachate test (TCLP).

Some cement kilns will process waste but there is a concern of dust/debris if not properly handled as hazardous waste. Lead remains present even if in cement. Recycling of waste to smelter for reuse is ideal solution for DOT. The lead smelter recycler requires iron (fe) as flux, thus steel/iron/lead paint chips are an ideal smelter feed. No down stream lead liability if waste is manufactured into new batteries. 

Lead waste becomes a resource rather than liability.

For lead recycling contact:

Lead Recycling Management
7600 West 110th Street, Suite 202
Overland Park, KS 66210
Attention: Mr. Michael Lerner